Uitspanning Zonnedauw shows that all these techniques are easy to apply in conventional looking homes.

State-of-the-Art techniques

The techniques to be applied by EcoRanch:

  • Purification of the waste water in this project will take place in an IBA (individual sewage treatment) system based on a helophyte filter in combination with a septic tank.
  • Electricity generation by means of PV (Photo-Voltaic) collectors, in combination with ‘small’ wind turbines.
  • The interiors and tap water will be heated using heat pumps fed by an aquifer or earth tubes, as well as by means of regeneration through the infrastructure. Air/water heat pumps will also be used.
  • Energy loss from the rooms as a result of ventilation will be minimised by pre-treating the cold air in heat exchange units.

The following step could be that the buildings themselves become energy suppliers; coupled to each other like the Internet, for example.

EcoRanch believes this step to be viable in the near future.