The project completely waives the use of conventional energy sources.

These project targets really are feasible

The EcoRanch target is to achieve an Energy Performance Norm (EPN) previously unparalleled in the Netherlands. Despite the extremely keen energetics and energy targets chosen by EcoRanch for Zonnedauw theme park, such targets need not be simply a utopia.

EcoRanch will show how “new” and “traditional” (building) materials can be used to construct organic and architectonically desirable buildings with very low energy consumption (passive).

The project makes no use of conventional sources of energy at all.

Energy target:

  • For the existing buildings, following energy revision and architectonic adaptation
    < 0.4 E.P.N.
  • For the grass/sedum roof holiday homes < 0.18 E.P.N.
  • For the new building, teashop with conference area < 0.18 E.P.N.
  • Target values for energy consumption < 13 Kwh/m2 for interior heating and cooling and < 26 Kwh/m2 for the existing building.
  • Target values for primary energy consumption < 38 Kwh/m2.

Target for waste water processing:

  • Class 3 B. (of the Dutch waste water act).