Conventional energy sources are no longer necessary: the theme park becomes almost fully self-supporting.

Energy indifferent, sustainable and ecological

Zonnedauw theme park will be an ecologically based energy indifferent, sustainable theme park. Conventional sources of energy are no longer required: the theme park is almost entirely self-supporting.

The new buildings will all be optimally oriented in relation to the sun, and will be insulated using a variety of sustainable materials.

Solar panels are to be invisibly incorporated in the roofs and individual wind turbines will generate electricity.

The sun will also provide warm tap water. Waste water will be collected on-site and purified by means of a constructed wetland. A geo-exchange heating and cooling system will be responsible for heating and cooling of all rooms and for hot tap water. Heat loss due to ventilation is minimised thanks to the use of heat exchange units. These are all options already in use in the Netherlands, though they have not yet been effectively combined. And that is where the real profits can be booked.

Zonnedauw is proof that all these technologies can be simply applied in houses with a conventional appearance. Here, guests and visitors alike can experience for themselves how pleasant a climate can be created in such ecologically sound buildings.