In Uitspanning Zonnedauw, companies and organizations can show what's possible in sustainable building.

The showcase for companies and organisations

Many companies are already well down the road of development of sustainable, low-energy and ecologically sound materials and technologies. Yet this new style of construction is relatively rare in the Netherlands, which is strange when considering that sustainable development is good for the environment, saves fossil fuels and usually renders a profit for users sooner or later.

Zonnedauw offers companies and organisations the opportunity to demonstrate exactly how much is possible in sustainable development. Surely you don’t want to miss out? Zonnedauw will be the perfect showcase in which you can exhibit your expertise and your products in a unique practical situation. Not only to a constant flow of guests and visitors to the theme park but also, of course, to your business relations: project developers, architects, building contractors, constructors and the official authorities. The theme park may even grow to become a stage for inspirational cooperative relationships.

Zonnedauw and its Educative Centre, the website and brochures about this project, can help your company or organisation reach a much broader target group. Moreover, Zonnedauw is now already attracting both national and international attention, and the park will receive an enormous amount of free publicity, making participation in this unique exemplary project more attractive than ever before.