Uitspanning Zonnedauw provides proof that sustainable building and brilliant architecture work very well together.

Sustainable construction is already a very good option

Zonnedauw theme park will be located between Helden-Panningen and the village of Helenaveen. The 2½ acre site has room for eight green roof houses, four bed & breakfast suites, 12 camping plots, a teashop with educative centre and a warden’s residence.

Zonnedauw theme park aims to prove that sustainable construction is already a very good option, without being conspicuous or resulting in visually unattractive buildings. The architecture is therefore inspired by the Netherlands’ favourite style of architecture: that dating from the early 20th century.

The architect has been guided by examples in the style of Michel de Klerk, founder of the Amsterdam School and architect of the world-famous “The Ship” apartment building in the Spaarndammer district of Amsterdam. And so Zonnedauw can prove that sustainable construction and fantastic architecture are a very good combination.

A variety of building materials are to be used: ranging from traditional masonry to treated pine and from state-of-the-art insulating materials to green roofs. All this will result in attractive buildings which are also very nice to stay in.